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Hey, my loves. Gee things have been super crazy. I went to California and put on a show out there for the first time, and thanks to some special friends, it was very successful. I can't believe how much love LA showed myself and the other artist that performed. While out in California, I released my single Higher, and I have to say I am amazed and thankful for the amount of love that you have shown this song. You all have streamed it, purchased it, and told your friends and family about it. I am so grateful and appreciative for every one of you. You all keep me motivated to keep pushing through. Many great things have taken place since the release of the song. The song has been on the radio, which words absolutely cannot express the feeling of hearing your work being played on mainstream radio me, on the radio!! Things such as being in a music magazine leave me in total awe, collaborations, new music are all coming soon. Once again thank you all for the constant support and love shown. Love Always~Shena Samone


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