• Shena Samone

Its been a while

Hello my loves, it has been a minute since I have updated you all on what has been happening with me. A lot, first I would like to say that I hope everyone is safe and in good health during this time I know things have been pretty hectic and stressful for a lot of you. I am sending each and every one of you lots of love and positive energy.

Before the shutdown, I was approached by someone who wants to support me as an artist and back me a contract is in the works, I cant wait for this to happen. I have been creating new music to bring to you all starting in June, you will feel and hear different aspects of my life through my music and I can't wait to share my world with you all. I have also been collaborating with other artists and featured on their tracks as well.

So as you can see I have been busy whew, Stay tuned for more updates on music and content that I will be bringing to you all. I wish you lots of love, excellent health, and good vibes. Remember this is all temporary and you will get through this, you got this. Love always ~Shena Samone

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