• Shena Samone

Keep Pushing

Hey loves, I would like to take a moment and let you that wherever you are in life, no matter your age, sex or race. Keep knocking on those doors, not ever door will open up for you. It may not be the right timing or even the correct environment that you need to be in. Continue to be tenacious I assure you the right doors that are meant for you will open for you. Yes, there will be times when you feel discouraged and start to doubt yourself and your projects and sometimes you may get in your head. This is natural just don't allow yourself to live there in these things don't succumb to it. You so have this hands down keep pushing forward set up your goals, projected dates and stick to them as much as you can. Sending love and positive light and energy to all of you. I am cheering each and every one of you on. You got this. Love~Shena Samone

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