• Shena Samone

LifeStyle change

Hey loves, Wow I knew that this journey would take a lot of hard work however I did not know what it really took to be an artist, from working out because, for one, you always want to stay healthy and build up stamina for shows(the struggle lol) to always looking your best because you never know when your manager is going to call you up and say, "We have an interview"( I now travel with my suitcase filled with extra clothes, wigs, and makeup. Also crunching numbers through analytics and understanding what they mean. These are only a fraction of the things that go on. I would not trade any of this at all. I fully understand that this is a lifestyle change filled with hard work and dedication. I am so ready for this change and can't wait to share more of my upcoming journeys with you. Peace and Blessings With Love~Shena Samone #shenasamone #Tampa #localartist #singersongwriter #artist

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