• Shena Samone


Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Hey everyone, I am super elated to introduce you to Shena Samone! I want to share my voice and sound with the world and want you all join me throughout my musical journey. I am grateful to be acknowledged as Shena Samone - An Artist. I love the sound of that. :-)

I am influenced by various artist like Toni Braxton, Prince, and Heart, to name only a few of the long list of favorites. I love diversity which is a reflection of my love of a variety of genres of music. My goal is to bring everyone into my world to be healed, inspired and to enjoy my music. My desire is to give back and help others who aspire to be artists. I am happy about my newest projects that I'm currently working on for 2019! One thing I must say is, this is a lot of hard work, but so very worth it. Peace and blessings~Shena Samone.

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