• Shena Samone

Tampa Bay Black heritage Festival

I had the pleasure of Performing at the Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival this past Saturday. Wow is all I can say, Tampa really showed a girl so much love, I cannot thank you all so much. I received a lot of great feedback from people in the crowd to people that I had no idea was there at the suggestion of my friends. I really want to take the time to give my manager Aminta a huge thank you for working tirelessly day in and day out for me, without her the festival and the brand of ShenaSamone would not be possible. I thank my friends and family for keeping me calm, and all of the well wishes that you sent near and far. I do this first for the love of music, and secondly for us all. You can obtain anything that you want to in your life, you have the ability to make your dreams and passions come true. However it does not come easy for most, it takes a lot of hard work, dedication and sometimes a change in your lifestyle as well as your way of thinking. Here are a few shots from the show and I will add video later today. I love you all. Peace and blessings~Shena Samone

My beautiful and phenomenal manager. With out her non of this would be possible

The parentals , look this way dad.

This young lady saw my performance and said she loved it and asked for a picture.

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